Monday-Our Cells are Being Re-Coded for Ascension if You Ask.

Our Spirit Helpers are very present now. Be sure and listen.

I wanted to let my followers know I’ll be back soon. I injured the right side of my body during workout and am down for a week. Of course it was during my inverse harmonic Yellow 1 Magnetic Star which is my Hidden Wisdom and it occured during the Hidden Wisdom of Yellow 1 Star that night which is my gateway; Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker. 💥 It was a whammy.

There was a ton of synchronicity to it and now my Spirit helpers have total access to me listening. The synchronicity includes the next day too, Red 2 Polar Moon.

It is super important for your learning to be aware of the time your inverse harmonic hits so you can release the past and create a better future for yourself.

Namaste🙏 Blue 4 Self existing Monkey.

This is a powerful mindset. But it may take some serious recoding of your cells if you really want to change.

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