Friday-We Begin a New 13-day Cycle

It is light-hearted Yellow 1 Magnetic Star to beautify, even be superficial to lighten the serious load. Plus it’s Friday.

Earth Holon-the Psi Bank

I guess we’re remaining at 34 for a long haul, 4x the normal 8

Body Holon

Tone 1 pulses to the right ankle joint. Yellow Star pulses to the right abdomen and thigh below the naval.

1leucine, 1asparagine, 1leucine, 1tyrosine, 13glutamine. Art, magic, harmony, reflection, and prophecy.

Interplanetary Holon

Yellow Star-Blue Monkey is mediated by Venus. The 5GForce is Yellow 13 Human or cosmic freewill.

All about the news on Venus on Science Daily

Interplanetary Holon-the movement and evolution of all 10 planets which then changes the sun.

  • The Moon spends the day in Cancer, and we favor comfort over satisfying our curiosity. We seek familiarity, safety, and quiet. This transit encourages us to center ourselves and let go of overthinking. Home, family, and familiar settings or situations appeal more than usual.
  • Still, as the day advances, a Sun-Mars sextile comes into play, boosting our desire for action to pursue our passions. It’s an energizing influence, particularly with ambitious or exciting new projects. our passions.


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