TuesdayDaily Reading; Karma is Dissolving

We enter a new HF62; Magnetic Store; Remember the elegance of Purpose. Kin 245, 46, 47, 48. I Ching 8 governs; Holding Together/Union. The meditation Hz is 507. You could turn this down to volume 8 on your computer and listen to it for 5 minutes in the morning to get your brain tuned up along with a big glass of water. That will wake you up.

Body and Earth Holon

Peak frequency is 35, 4x the normal 8

Spectral Tone 11 is releasing, liberating and dissolving. These kin don’t organize normally and look messy.

  • Theme is Red 11 Spectral Serpent or 11Serine; Passion and sex
  • Analog is White 11 Wizard or 11Lysine; Timelessness or the CNS
  • Guide Power us itself
  • Antipode is Blue 11 Eagle or 11Arginine; liberating vision
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 3 Electric Warrior or 3Histidine.
  • The 5gforce is Blue 3 Electric Eagle pulsing to the etheric body

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the asteroid belt, blown up Tiamat. What does that do to the psyche to have that as your mediating planet?

The sun, Uranus and N.Node are in Taurus ♉. The moon is in Gemini and Venus is in Aries.

  • A longer-term influence is exact today: Jupiter forms a sextile to Pluto. With this transit, we’re discovering our ambitions and motivations, and it’s an enjoyable, productive experience. It’s a time when we want to improve, grow, and bring something to the next level. We might enjoy increased influence, faith, and insight. The desire for more personal significance can lead us to give of ourselves or motivate us to more ambitiously pursue personal or professional goals. This transit generally favors business, the law, and commerce.
  • A Jupiter-Pluto sextile enhances our ability to sway or persuade. One of the most positive uses of this transit is taking steps to better ourselves or the world around us. We might solve a long-standing problem or capitalize upon a resource that we didn’t recognize in the past. We seek more meaning in our lives, and as we strive for a sense of purpose, we’re likely to take steps that help us improve our lives, lifestyles, or an important project. A bit of competition, even if it’s only with ourselves and our previous performance, can help us grow.We can be opportunistic–it’s easier than usual to recognize opportunities because we’re looking to advance. As we connect with our hidden talents or desires, we begin to embrace new directions or pursuits.
  • The Sun’s semi-square to Jupiter tonight can suggest some overestimation of our energy or motivation levels. We want to grow, improve, and expand, and it may be necessary to push some boundaries now, but it’s best to do so gently.
  • The Moon spends the day in curious, interesting Gemini.


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