Flip Flop: Why Variations in Earth’s Magnetic Field Aren’t Causing Today’s Climate Change – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

I agree with this. Earth has ALWAYS been changing and evolving. However, with the poles melting quickly and the length of the day getting shorter, something is different and we can all feel it. I think the position of the Sun in the sky is different too.


Our magnetosphere plays the role of gatekeeper, repelling these forms of energy that are harmful to life, trapping most of it safely away from Earth’s surface.

The linked NASA article

Are you catching the synchronicity? GATEKEEPER of the Tzolkin gateways which are the Psi Bank or magnetosphere measured by the S.R.

Paleomagnetic records tell us Earth’s magnetic poles have reversed 183 times in the last 83 million years, and at least several hundred times in the past 160 million years

The linked NASA article

No one knows exactly when the next pole reversal may occur, but scientists know they don’t happen overnight: they take place over hundreds to thousands of years. (but we could be at an end point as opposed to in the middle of a cycle. Their comment alludes to denial that we could be or are at a major endpoint).

“In the past 200 years, Earth’s magnetic field has weakened about nine percent on a global average. Some people cite this as “evidence” a pole reversal is imminent, but scientists have no reason to believe so.”-The Article

They say we have nothing to get charged up about which alludes to apocalypse/cataclysm talk such as S.O. However, they do warn regularly of the physical impact ON US from the big fluctuations in the S.R. to our bodies. When the S.R. goes up to 157 when the normal is 8…that literally knocks our brains out and is serious.

The short of it is all DNA has always been and will continue to be evolving gradually over time. And sometimes there is a leap or speeding up which this virus seems to have done. That is also not unusual and neither is the existence of our immune system to deal with it.

What has changed is the increased visitations from E.T., the amount of their contact with our military, the politics of control over our bodies, our destiny, governments drunk with power and corruption and the damn media, tech, and aerospace in their greed at any cost. That has changed big time and we keep putting up with it.

Our ascension will likely be gradual but there is no denying the changes. I’ve never been a cult follower of hating on humans for causing climate change. It’s ridiculous. They love watching us hoop jump when it’s their fault. They’ve gotten humans guilt programmed perfectly via the religions. That’s on the shoulders of the 320 aerospace and tech companies who refuse to give up their profits from oil, gas, and coal and adopt zero-point energy tech given to us by E.T.

Sickcare is just a version or spin off of aerospace and tech abuse for greed. In no way are they altruistic or knowledgeable about our bodies in nature. WE ARE NOT MACHINES OR ROBOTS and they can stick it where the Sun doesn’t shine. This, is truly different than it’s ever been on the planet. Our challenge is to create our lives and live our lives as we see fit as opposed to obeyimg media or others.

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