SaturdayDaily Reading; The Galactic Tone 8 Helps us Harmomize

The Body

The Tzolkin Harmonic Psi Bank frequency is measured by the Schumann Resonance. The Psi Bank frequency is set by the conscious mind of ALL DNA in our Local System; The Earth Holon is part of the Interplanetary Holon.

The peak amplitude is 51, 5x normal. It’s coming down because we’re harmonizing with Galactic Tone 8 and it’s raining in many places. That puts a damper.
Today is Galactic White 8 Wind~Red 8 Earth.
White 6 Rhythmic Mirror is the 5th Density GForce today. The mantra for the gateway provides the attributes of all tribes in the gateway.

Interplanetary Body

Uranus mediates White Wind~Red Earth and rules Aquarius

Uranus is the mediating planet.

  • The New Moon, partial Solar Eclipse occurs today at 4:28 PM EDT. In the sign of Taurus, the focus is on matters related to personal finances, values, ownership, physical and material resources, personal possessions, feelings of worthiness, desire for safety and security, resistance to change, comfort, sensuality, and familiarity. This eclipse can prompt new beginnings with any of these things. It’s about strengthening our sense of security, re-evaluating our relationship with money and possessions, and discovering what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. It’s a time to consider new ways of increasing our income or earning power. Circumstances challenge us to get in touch with what we value and want in our lives and perhaps part with those things or situations that aren’t contributing to our feelings of worthiness.
  • Venus aligns with Jupiter shortly after the eclipse, and with this proximity, this influence takes on more power. It encourages much hopefulness, generosity, and friendliness. We more readily give one another the benefit of the doubt. We’re cooperative and forgiving. This transit can also elevate our expectations! We can be indulgent or tempted to overspend or overstate our feelings. Our love of learning, exploring, and sharing are in the spotlight, and our appetite for love and pleasure is especially strong. We’re opening our hearts and perhaps wallets as well.


Right after I posted this it was 11:11. I have chores to do now but I’m going to make a YouTube video about receiving Corey’s new book, “Ascension Chronicles” and then both of my new books. I will also post another podcast on the history of Maldek.

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