The History of Maldek cont. From Previous Podcasts on Other Posts

The podcast is below.

We cannot blow up earth. It already happened right next to us. GAIA only agreed to allow humans to come here as refugees after the explosion by agreeing that the Universe watchers would be allowed to step in and stop any humans purposely or willfully trying to create a cataclysm where it is not allowed nor necessary. The genetic evolution on Earth is priceless to the local universe and humans will not be allowed to be destroyed unless they want to be or allow it.

Note in this audio where it’s referring to methionine, the start codon Red Moon and the stop codon, Yellow Sun. These were additions to our DNA sequencing on Maldek. Note also that Red 12 Moon heads up HF33 which is implicate order programming from Galactic Center, meaning, Source needed to fix the tic in our DNA and did so through White13 Cosmic Dog, none other than J.C.

“In him was Life and that Life was the light of men”

The Logos John 1:4

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