During the Hidden Wisdom, Right Now,Red 8 Galactic Dragon, S.R. is up to 33

Why? 33 is a good number anyway.

We’re still mediated by collapsed Pluto, we are pre-Friday Red 7 Resonant Dragon but still in the gateway of analog Blue 6 Storm.

There is mental stress around the subconscious mother frequency. Not surprising.We seem to have some shadow energy to move through in Red 7 Dragon. I’ll address it tomorrow.

Tomorrows’ gateway looks odd to me bouncing off of today with the raised S.R. right now. Tone 7 is boomerang energy too. And we enter a new HF. We’ll need the context of the full Harmomic. With Yellow 7 Sun as the Hidden Wisdom tomorrow we will probably have more high solar energy by dusk tomorrow.

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