The ScR Did Not Go Up With the Solar Storm

I just posted NASA’s warning about the solar Storm hitting earth yesterday. If the sun controlled the Schumann Resonance it would have shot up. S.R. did not shoot up.

The S.R. shoots up in response to the collective mind on earth, the Tzolkin Harmonic effect on the magnetosphere which is the Van Allen belts or the Psi Bank and then all DNA’s mental response to the harmonic. We’re all spinning up the frequency collectively.

The Tzolkin Harmonic is the premier natural force from Galactic Center creating the synchronicity and thus evolution of RNA into DNA on all 10 planets. It is my belief that the other 10 local planets in our system are as sentient as GAIA and obviously communicate within the Interplanetary Holon which I post everyday.

The Interplanetary holon, Earth holon, and us, our body holon, are in Morphic Resonance with each other and in fact ONE with the Cosmic Web or the web of life.

Who is included in the Web of Life EQUALLY? Women, men, children, all animals, the oceans, the planet Terra, all rocks, all humanoid and E.T. species on earth, and anything or anyone else I missed. We are the rainbow nation, all cultures, all kin and all creeds.

GAIA nor us are controlled by the military, governments, the Cabal, the Deep State, the patriarchy, the narrative , MSM, the elite, NASA, clever men or the Sun. Selah. Amen.

Namaste 🙏

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