S.R. Went Up…

As I predicted on my post this morning because it’s Blue 5 Storm-5Tryptophan. It’s edgy self-generating energy for our minds.

Now…tomorrow is Yellow 6 Sun, it’s a Stop Codon in the DNA sequence. I predict it will go down but I won’t say the number yet. I want to wait and see if my system is correct.

I am stickng to my hypothesis that the movement of the harmonic, which is the movement of all life, decides the S.R. THEN, the Sun reacts.

It went up to 24 during the antipode today, Red 5 Moon which is the Start Codon. Right now we are in White 9 Solar Wind.

Now tomorrow is a triple pulse on the Start codon twice and Blue Storm is a sub stop codon. It’s mediated by Pluto with a collapsed atmosphere so…one more reason for it to drop. We’ll see.

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