Tuesday Daily Reading; Self-Existing Reflection

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Earth Holon

The Schumann Resonance is the measure of the Earth’s magnetosphere, also called the Psi Bank, the Van Allen Belts, the Noosphere, the energy of the Tzolkin coming onto the earth as conscious DNA and we see it as the aurora borealis. There are stations all over the planet that measure it.

The Tzolkin Harmonic is literal and is a force of nature in communication with the Sun and Galactic Center that has been in operation for millennia, maybe longer. The S.R. measures it’s effect on all DNA on earth. We don’t have to just observe. The ELM energy naturally produced by ALL DNA lifeforms is massive and measurable.

The peak amplitude is 17 today.

Body Holon

We pulse to self-existing Tone 4 today. You will be put in some type of position to help yourself which is natural for adults, and not depend on others very much. Sometimes we depend on others but not most of the time bc we are no longer children. Start to organize your life so that you are interdependent and you will move from karma to dharma.

April 26, 2022
  • The theme is White 4 Self-Existing Mirror or 4tyrosine; endlessness that faces the shadow in a reflection in order to mature
  • The Analog is Red 4 Self-existing Dragon; measuring protective nurturing, too much or too little. Time to ponder.
  • The Guide Power this morning is White 4 Self-existing Wizard or 4Lysine; also Timelessness, using it psychically to align with divine will, listening to Spirit.
  • The antipode is Yellow 4 Self-existing Star 🌟 . It is a challenge to be clever and playful when you have serious business to ponder.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 10 Planetary Night or 10Alanine; manifestation of a dream or intuition so strong that it feels like a building. Note that everything we see around us and every invention was FIRST…an idea. Observe that today and focus on your wishes; not superficial but deep, in line with your feelings.
  • The 5gforce is White 10 Planetary Wind or 10Glycine; possibly solar wind affecting the S.R. and consequently our etheric bodies.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Neptune today. What does it mean for White Mirror~Red Dragon kin that Neptune’s atmosphere is collapsing? What is the body’s atmosphere? Your mindset and heart set. Your normal lifestyle is likely dissolving to make way for something new, White Mirror and Red Dragon kin. You’ll need to be creative.


Mars Earthquakes;


  • The Moon spends the day in Pisces, harmonizing with Uranus this morning, and emotional or mental refreshment helps us gain perspective. This Moon transit also encourages the need to connect with our inner world.
  • We’re heading toward a Mercury-Jupiter sextile that perfects early tomorrow, and it’s a vital time for mind-expanding activities, exercises, and conversations. We take a more philosophical approach to thinking and are more open to learning. It’s a time of optimistic thinking, new insights, and cooperation, especially as the day advances. We are clearer in our thoughts and exchanges, and we’re looking for solutions to problems or the positive side of situations.

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