How Old is Our Local Universe?

13.8 billion years, 13.8, 000,000,000 if you’re counting in 3D which is just a hologram. The universe is actually timeless.

The ancient Builder Race ruins are found all over the local universe and are billions of years old in our solar system. The pyramid shape was important for conducting energy, they were giants and looked very different than us.

Our local 50-star cluster outside of our solar system is connected by the cosmic web and all of the stars (suns) behave as a Unified Mind. Earth needs to get to that point just amongst ourselves to play nicely in the cosmic sandbox. Think, of unity amidst diversity. That doesn’t call for agreeing or liking one another. It calls for tolerance, patience, and listening instead of reacting and rejecting them.

The Maldek explosion brought down the grid 500, 000 years ago which isn’t very long. Then the outsiders rushed in, the Super Federation of Planets came 350,000 years ago with the Draco. Then the refugees from different areas came in.

By the 1930’s we had superluminal travel, before WWII, and it was used by the Nazis to colonize Mars into a slave planet the same way Earth has been. All of this is really due to the mistake made on Maldek from which most earthlings hail. I will be making audio podcasts on the history of Maldek in the days ahead.

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