Confirmation on the Mayan Cycle

I think we all knew this.

The local universe evolves in 26,000/13,000 year cycles not 24,000/12,000 year cycles as proposed by Ben Davidson and whichever scientists he works for, probably NASA. They are incorrect.

The next question is, was 2012-2013 actually the end of a 13,000 year cycle? I can’t imagine Jose getting that calculation wrong but he has been challenged on it. 2013A.D. – 13,000 going back in time was 10,987 B.C. Look at that date, 7, 8, 9, 10. Looks right to me. If only our earth records went back that far. They don’t because we’ve been in a cabal time warp for that long mostly due to the mistakes on Maldek.

I’ll see what I can find. I’m not posting S.O. anymore. I contend his observations are suspicious 🤔 as are his estimations of accuracy based on his and NASA’s 12:60 math. The patriarchy has no authority whatsoever over natural cycles of our earth, Sun and solar system.

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