Saturday Daily Reading; We Begin a new 13-day cycle-The Power of Vision

Earth Holon

Amplitude is still 60. 🔥 7.5x above normal. It’s hard to stay awake in Alpha brain. We tend to go to Theta.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and mediates Blue Eagle~Yellow Seed
Suspicious Observers on Solar Forcing
  • The Last Quarter Moon occurs this morning with the Aquarius Moon’s square to the Sun–a signal to review and sort rather than push something new.
  • Until the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 30th, it’s a generally better time to tie up loose ends, take inventory, and let go if necessary. We’re sorting out what does and doesn’t work for us.
  • With a Mercury-Node alignment today, learning, teaching, and communicating figure strongly. We might make valuable contact with people who share our intellectual interests or introduce us to new ideas that help us grow, improve, and expand. Or, we might connect with information that similarly moves us forward and challenges us to grow.
  • The Moon enters Aquarius today at 2:18 AM EDT, bringing friendly, progressive, and intelligent energy to our lives. The void Moon continues until the Moon enters Aquarius today at 2:18 AM EDT.

Body Holon

Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle, 1Arginine
  • The theme is Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle or 1Arginine; Vision. Pulse is to the left shoulder.
  • The analog is Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed or 1Valine; Flowering. Pulse is to the right shoulder
  • The Guide Power is itself
  • The Antipode is Red 1 Magnetic Serpent or 1Serine; Sex. Pulse is to the right pec/breast.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is White 13 Cosmic World-Bridger or 13 Threonine; Cosmic Change/Death. Pulse is to the right heart/lung area.
  • The 5GForce is Red 13 Cosmic Serpent in occult pulse with the antipode. The tones add to 14.

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