The Lesson for Humanity Through the Destruction of Maldek.


The Maldekians were power-hungry and wanted to dominate the local system, likely in cooperation with the Reptilians which are the Red Serpent tribe, the analog today, also Maldekian. They weren’t always bad and in fact are part of our DNA as our limbic brain or Reptilian brain at the bottom back of the skull. We wouldn’t be as strong as we are without them.

The Jaguar Wizard priests tried to bring balance on Tiamat but they did not succeed, thus we are still working out the karma with these two tribes on earth. Earth is our refugee planet from the disaster. We were only allowed to come here by accepting that we will be stopped from blowing up earth and using nuclear weapons. The E.T.’s oversee that. Humans are not allowed to damage the cosmic web which nuclear weapons do. The Skywalkers and White World-bridgers headed up saving a remnant of humanity during this time. Our mediating planet is Mars, Tiamat’s moon at the time. Most Maldekians died and some made it to Mars which was Tiamats’ moon. The others landed on earth in Antarctica. The mothership is deep underground but since the south pole is melting, it’s supposed to be coming to the surface. There is some disclosure that I don’t believe can be hidden.

The asteroid belt, our time in past lives on Tiamat, and Maldek is a teacher. It is karma turned into dharma. All White Wizard kin are teachers, TIMELESSNESS, an attribute of White Wizard is in our DNA evolution via the CNS. Since today is 13 White Wizard it’s a good day to point this out.

Obviously, the Tiamatians failed because their planet was blown up accidentally. They made a timing error by misusing the Sun’s energy to try to destroy their enemy. It backfired and destroyed them. That was the first leg of karma. Earth is the second leg.

The technology of our current human body is;

  • The fountain of youth, agelessness, the CNS or brain, and the spinal column. If you meditate and bring that energy up via the spine to a high level, there is no death. In Reiki, we call it Dragon breath, giving homage to the Red Dragon Tribe that started our evolution at the base of the spine. I believe this meditation technique is taught in Buddhism if you want to look it up.
  • Human blood is QI and has no limit on healing all trauma and injury, that is if your mind truly embraces that fact. It is the basis of the extraordinary medicine of the Chinese; TCM.
  • Meditation daily. Humans tend to not want to be different and that is the death of us. We are programmed by the cabal for over a million years to believe we are destined for death and must accept it. Change is normal, physical death is not. We are programmed to believe we age, get sick and die and it is a huge profit to the sickcare and funeral industry to keep us believing that. No other species in our local system has this belief. They simply translate to their next destination when they want to. Death is a Dark ages mindset that was brought upon us by Luciferianism. There is no need for suffering. The other planets are not misled by Luciferianism. Earth is uniquely oppressed by lies and unfortunate in this. It is not our fault although MSM piles the guilt on humans. The guilt lies with them and their contracts with the Nazis and Reptilian.
  • The human body, all of it, is TIME itself and our minds can control our own time by programming our bodies via meditation. It’s never easy to follow yourself instead of the pack, but millions do so quietly. The tool is self-generating tryptophan, a glycoprotein in our bodies that affects our brains. Read up on tryptophan. It’s also the key to sleep which heals the unconscious mind.
  • Every glycoprotein in our body is a special tool for thriving. Some level up the brain, others the muscles, others the mind, others the organs and blood. We need all of the Amino Acids but mostly clean water which is hydrogen and oxygen. Moving the muscles and thus the blood is extremely important if we are to thrive. Our bodies are quantum, multi-density. We just have to work it.

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