ThursdayDaily Reading; We Enter HF59; Lunar Output, Express the Intelligence of Challenge. Hx3; Difficulty @ the Beginning

Earth Holon-Schumann Resonance

The peak amplitude is 15

Body Holon

April 21, 2022
  • The theme is Red 12 Crystal Skywalker or 12Glutamine: Prophecy for the collective. The pulse is to the left heart/lung area.
  • The Analog is White 12 Crystal Worldbridger or 12Threonine; collective change and equality. The pulse is to the right heart-lung area.
  • The Guide Power is Red 12 Crystal Serpent or 12Serine; sex and passion. Pulse is to the right pec/breast. This speaks to our evolution as mammals or mammary glands. In some respects it’s our undoing; obsession with breasts and sex with both genders. It’s not in balance with heart love (our theme/analog). Sex is great but not if it eclipses love or leaves it out entirely. The idea is to go from emotional bonding to spiritual bonding to uplevel our frequency.
  • The antipode is Blue 12 Crystal Night or 12Alanine: abundance and depth. We are challenged to think and feel deeply if obsessed with superficiality.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 2 Polar Star or 2Leucine. Pulse is to the right lower abdomen, reproductive, and thigh. It’s wiser to be obsessed with art and harmony, even if it’s polarizing.
  • The 5Gforce is Blue 2 Polar Hand or 2Isoleucine pulsing with Yellow 2 Star as a mirror on the etheric level to the rest of the body. Being an artist is healing for an individual as opposed to pursuing superficiality for most of your life.

Interplanetary Holon-Suspicious Observers on Solar Forcing

We are mediated by Mars today.


They use an assumption of a 12,000-year solar cycle in line with the time war’s imposition of the 12:60 time ratio. The Tzolkin teaches 13,000-year cycles and a 13:20 time ratio so he dukes it out with scientists who are also on the 12:60 coordinate. He could be suggesting a cataclysm 1000 years ahead of time. ?

  • The Moon is in Capricorn all day, and we seek some order and structure in our lives. With a Capricorn Moon, we strive for increased self-sufficiency. Our sense of responsibility is stronger than usual. Our careers, reputation, and objectives are in focus with the Moon in this practical sign. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which mediated our antipode today so there will be some resistance to self-discipline.
  • The Sun is now in earthy Taurus ruled by Venus which mediates Yellow Star~Blue Monkey.
  • The Moon’s sextile to Mars is suitable for activities that engage our emotions. This is in synchronicity with our theme and analog which are mediated by Mars. We’re especially resourceful and focused on performance, and we have a good sense of future trends in business. While we’re more aware of our practical responsibilities and drawn to the tried and true, we’re open to new ways of getting things done. In fact, we enjoy making small changes that benefit our projects. Those projects are in sync with our Hidden Wisdom, 2 Yellow Star.

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