Evidence of Superionic ice provides new insights into unusual magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune

How a conductive form of ice is formed at several thousand degrees and millions of times atmospheric pressure. — ScienceDaily


Does the Sun have any water?

As strange as it may seem, yes water has been detected on the Sun. Actually what was detected is ‘steam’ over a particularly cool sunspot where the temperatures were only about 1000 K or so.

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The sun is 92% hydrogen, the main ingredient in water, and 8% helium.

Uranus is made of water, methane, and ammonia fluids above a small rocky center. Its atmosphere is made of hydrogen and helium like Jupiter and Saturn, but it also has methane. The methane makes Uranus blue. Uranus also has faint rings. Aug 4, 2021

If Uranus is mostly hydrogen and helium then it’s mirroring the Sun. Maybe it will become a sun? Same for Jupiter and Saturn.

It’s clear to me that the 5 outer planets are more mature than the 5 little ones right next to the Sun. We’re newbs in the local system. The Sun isn’t going to force Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury to do anything except to keep changing and growing which is our destiny.

This is a 2-minute podcast on the Uranus Time Tunnels in the Cosmic Web


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