Tuesday-10Asparagine, Blue 10 Planetary Monkey. April 19, 2022

Earth Holon-Schumann Resonance

Peak Amplitude has gone up to 34 since this morning. It’s tension, and Blue 10 Planetary Storm is the Guide Power.
The Frequencies

Remember that when the S.R. is this high from normal we’re like babies that need to sleep a lot because we’re growing mentally and spiritually in a big way. Babies have to grow physically but we already did that.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Venus today

Venus, July 2020
Suspicious Observers-Ben Davidson. Solar Forcing Paradigm

Body Holon

We land on Planetary Tone 10; Producing, Manifestation, Perfect.

April 19, 2022

10Asparagine, 10Leucine, 10Tryptophan, 10Cysteine, 4Aspartic Acid.

Grounded Magic, Art, Self-Generation, Ancestral memory, and Self-Existing Love are evolving in our DNA today. Blue Monkey is a dharmic teacher along with the guide power and the Hidden Wisdom

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