Time might not exist, according to physicists and philosophers, but that’s okay

You need a helmet for this post.They call this science at phys.org

Omg…🙄 TGIF

Does time exist? The answer to this question may seem obvious: of course it does! Just look at a calendar or a clock.

The article at the link

The last sentence…absolute indolence. I can’t help it. Clocks and calendars are like McDonalds. “Food exists. Just look at McDonald’s!”

It barely passes for real food. It’s just a tool to keep you distracted from eating real food. Clocks and calendars keep you from owning your own time which is YOUR BODY AND MIND. They keep you distracted from Timelessness which IS real in the CNS, the central nervous system. Time is DNA and DNA can jump dimensions and densities which means we can jump densities.


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