Thursday Daily Reading; Radiant Change is in the Air

You can listen to this while you’re reading.

Earth Holon-S.R.

Physics Fact; Our electrons race about the nucleus of every one of our trillion cells at 600 mps (miles per second). Our protons and neutrons race about the nucleus of our cells at 40,000mps. THIS IS WHY WE APPEAR DENSE. -Fritjof Capra in The Tao of PhysicsThe fact is, we are 98%empty space, obviously spinning with intention at enormous speeds, so we’re visible. Once we slow way down, we leave the body.

The peak amplitude is 12

Interplanetary Holon-S.O. and Astrology

CME’s starting up. Antarctica is in the Red Moon Time Portal which heads up HF33!
  • The Moon continues its transit of productive Virgo until 4:47 PM EDT.
  • The Moon opposes Neptune and Jupiter this morning, and we might struggle to pull ourselves out of our dreamy mindset to take care of business or bring more order to our lives.
  • With the Libra Moon from 4:47 PM forward, we seek to harmonize and balance our lives.
  • Mars enters Pisces tonight, where it will transit until May 24th. During this cycle, we might de-emphasize some of our traditional goals, and find ourselves more motivated to pursue spiritual or emotional drives. We dislike confrontation, and we may often put others’ needs ahead of our own. We’re helpful and service-oriented. Idealism comes to the fore. Our output is variable rather than straightforward, and our energy is similarly up and down. As well, our desires and methods to achieve our goals are more complex. We tend to run on intuition and instinct before taking action.
  • The void Moon occurs from 2:12 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Libra at 4:47 PM EDT.


Body Holon

Radiant Overtone 5 pulses to the right elbow joint today. World-Bridger time portal is near Shanghai, China.

  • The theme is 5Threonine or White 5 Overtone World-Bridger; Radiant change. Pulse is to the right upper rib/lung/heart area.
  • The analog is 5Glutamine of Red 5 Overtone Skywalker; Radiant Wakefulness. Pulse is to the left upper rib/lung/heart area.
  • The Guide Power this morning until noon is White 5 Radiant Wizard or 5Lysine. Pulse is to the left pec/breast.
  • The Antipode this afternoon is Yellow 5 Radiant Warrior or 5Histidine. Pulse is to the left shoulder
  • The Hidden Wisdom at dusk is Blue 9 Solar Eagle or 9Arginine. Pulse is to the left arm in sync with Warrior pulsing to the left shoulder.
  • The 5 GForce is White 9 Solar Wizard creating an occult pulse to the Guide Power. The emphasis is on awareness of timelessness today which should be easy with the Neptune/Jupiter alignment.

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