What is the Meaning of Tzolk’in

Tzolkin is literally translated as “count of days” and it is a Mayan word.

Definition of tzolkin

a period of 260 days constituting a complete cycle of all the permutations of 20-day names with the numbers 1 to 13 that constitutes the Maya sacred year.

It sprockets exactly with Earth’s 365-day solar year and the 64 Hexagram I Ching. The IChing and the 65 Harmonic Tzolkin also sprocket exactly and can be seen in my book “Time is DNA”

Since the Tzolkin is the count of days and the count of kin, kin has two meanings that are equivalent. A kin is a person and a 24-hour day that is governed by one Mayan Tribe that is an archetype for an amino acid glycoprotein. Since a person is made of trillions of DNA molecules, it follows that for humans, “Time is DNA.” We are time itself. Because we can control our own minds and bodies we can control our time.

Lisa T.

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