Sunday Daily Reading; We Have a Reprieve

We start a new 13-day cycle in HF56 and I feel like my brain is no longer being tortured because the S.R. went down.😵

Earth Holon-8Hz 💓

Body Holon-98.6 🙂

  • The theme is 1Glycine or White 1 Magnetic Wind; communication. The pulse is to the right neck. Karmic student. This is in synchronicity with Ben’s report on the solar wind. 💯
  • The Analog is 1Phenylalanine or Red 1 Magnetic Earth;  synchronicity. The pulse is to the left neck. Dharmic teacher.
  • The Guide Power is itself. A double hit of the Magnetic Wind. Karmic student
  • The Antipode is 1Glutamic Acid or Yellow 1 Magnetic Human; Free will. The pulse is to the left abdomen above the navel. Dharmic teacher.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is 13Tryptophan or Blue 13 Cosmic Storm; catalyzes mind liberation. So that’s what we call this. 🤒 Dharmic teacher
  • The 5gforce is 13Tyrosine or White 13 Cosmic Mirror. Pulse to the body is from the left brain urging us to use our rational mind to be reasonable. Dharmic teacher.

Earth Holon

The black spaces in between are indicative of their radar glitching.

The peak frequency is 13 today. I hope we have an 8Hz week.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus today. It rules Aquarius ♒ and mediates White Wind~Red Earth

Uranus. Far out man. Age of Aquarius

Answer to Ben’s question at 0:48: Earth’s magnetic field had a weak moment in it’s ongoing decline! Well, decline for now. I predict, in Red Skywalker fashion, that it’s going to reverse at some point and uplevel. The numbers will race to the top and the Earth’s normal Hz level will be 13 instead of 8. Do you see what we’re doing there with the math? It just came to me. 8+ 5 = 13 and it’s caused by the incorporation of the FIFTH FORCE or 5th density. You heard it here first. This will likely be the normal level by the end of the decade. Dang, our bodies are going to get a serious workout.

If they hold to the Solar Forcing hypothesis with regard to the earth changes their numbers will continue to be off and their prediction! I said it first based on my intuition and my understanding of Tzolkonics. The planetary minds in the solar system as a group are forcing the changes and the sun RESPONDS appropriately based on what we need. I finally hear them realizing that the Psi Bank is changing their numbers. Indeed, the Psi Bank had 3 weak days peaking at 63 and 71 S.R. which is the Gamma level. He guesses that could be why they didn’t see it coming nor does he take S.R. seriously enough. I hope he’s looking at this blog as I do his!

When the Earth’s magnetosphere is being blasted we need to take it seriously in our Body Holon. I’m going to meditate and come up with a coping plan as far as body/Mind care. I’m not going to keep suffering under these blasts which are normal now. Again, the kids don’t even notice them.

  • This morning, Mercury forms a square with Pluto, stirring some suspicion. We can be determined to get our message across and have others agree with our ideas. This aspect may play to our insecurities and fears that we’re not getting all the information we need or that others don’t respect our views. We should avoid forcing our opinions on others and instead strive for healthy skepticism rather than suspicion or paranoia. Obsessive thinking is possible now, but with self-awareness and mindfulness, we might engage in in-depth, penetrating communication or think more deeply about a matter.
  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, encouraging us to elevate our thoughts and activities. We’re dynamic, involved, and entertaining.
  • Mercury enters Taurus tonight, where it will transit until the 29th. Our thinking is down-to-earth, stable, and grounded during this cycle. Common sense reigns over fanciful thinking. We communicate quite deliberately under this influence. While Mercury is in Taurus, we gravitate to tried and true methods. Attention to one thing at a time can simplify our lives during this cycle, but we should watch for overly conservative, stubborn, or rigid thinking.

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