Sunday Daily Reading; Night Dharmic Teacher

Just giving you a heads up that we are in Blue 13 Cosmic Storm tonight at dusk wherever you are. This is one of the most intense kin for dealing with your karma. 13 Blue Storm is the pinnacle dharmic teacher and rough, like physically hitting a brick wall rough if you are very stubborn.

If you know you have a pile of karma that you’re dealing with a bit at a time, you might want to stay safe, sober, and lay low tonight and do some self-examination. Fortunately, we have dropped to normal level 8 S.R so our brains can relax.

There may be another solar storm coming tonight though. Use your Intuition and don’t let anything negative pass your lips. Our words carry literal energy to create whatever you say in time at some point.

I don’t point this out often, but in one day, you experience the entire gateway OF EACH KIN in the gateway. So it will be helpful to look at the entire lineup for kin 29, Blue 13 Storm.

Blue 13 Night is the Guide Power, deep, mysterious, and abundant. Red 13 Moon is the challenge, Cosmic, universal flow of feelings. Run it dudes and duddets. Cry, then breathe it and let it go. Visualize burying it, out to sea, drop it. And today, White 1 Wind is the Hidden Wisdom, magnetic spirit.

Pray for your own release from a self-made prison and forgive yourself. My ex used to say “If you make a mistake you are forgiven.” Learn from it, don’t do it anymore and move on.

Example. This just happened. My son, who plays WAY too many video games just spilled a Coke into his computer, onto his graphics card. It might be $3000.00 worth of damage. It is dusk in MI, 7:42pm and it’s hitting him.

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