Earth is Destined to be Settled in Life and Light…

It’s Amplitude 71 today. Watch your heart rate.

We were born to a planet locked in death and darkness, imo. I count 20 human errors a day which rubs salt in the wound. My son says, “Mom! Everything is getting better!” and is very happy with his friends. A good example for me.

I need to pivot on this issue but sometimes I can’t help but think, “Come on people. We can do better.” I know I can always do better and I hold myself to that so I really should not expect it of others. But when their error makes more work for me…argggg.

The S.R.’s being very high is hard to tolerate so rest and go easy on yourself. We are being hit with Gamma rays which can be serious.

I’m noticing the young people thriving. Their brains are primed and ready for this shift. There is no way they will be slaves on this prison planet. Our old brains are still wired the old way. I have a tight eye on my 23-year-old and the millennial vibe is so different. If we want to stay on the planet we probably need to be as pliable as them. I’m 59 in 3D years but I think I can reverse things.

Have a great weekend.

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