Friday Daily Reading; Are We Going to Continue Playing Victim and Use Each Other or Level Up and Work Toward Our Potential?

Earth Holon

Now you can see the intense frequency of 63. It is 55 points above normal range. We’re stressing.

Body Holon DNA Evolutionary Sequence

Crystal tone 12 gets the communal vibe going in synchronicity with the astrology below. The Sun is in Aries ♈.

  • The theme is 12Stop Codon or Yellow 12 Sun; enlightenment
  • Analog is 12Tryptophan or Blue 12 Storm; self-generation
  • Guide power this morning is 12Glutamic Acid or Yellow 12 Human; communal Free Will.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 12Aspartic Acid or White 12 Dog; loyal companion.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 2Cysteine or Red 2 Dragon; polarizing passion.
  • 5gforce is 2Stop Codon or Yellow 2 Polar Sun; enlightenment. This pulses in occult synchronicity with the theme so we are at the end of an evolutionary sequence as well as Harmonic 55. Tomorrow we enter the South Polar Zone.

Interplanetary Holon/The Sun

We are mediated by Pluto again. Still deep-diving emotionally.

  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer, stimulating a need to connect with our roots.
  • Mercury forms a sextile to Mars and Juno today, enlivening our interactions, and Jupiter forms a sextile with the Moon’s North Node. While harmonizing through shared ideas and ideals can figure very strongly, we’re ready to take action on our ideas.We’re mentally engaged and enthusiastic. There can also be much enthusiasm in our conversations or excitement about our interests and discoveries. We can be especially alert and observant, as well as incredibly resourceful. Our minds are busy, and we want to do something with our ideas, learn, teach, or debate. Mental rapport can figure strongly, but if it benefits us, we’re also willing to work at our own pace.

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