Thursday Daily Reading; We are Releasing Emotions We Don’t Need

Body Holon

We’re releasing Energy/Karma today through the Psi Bank
  • The theme is Blue 11 Spectral Storm or 11Tryptophan; Self-Generation/Lightning. Dharmic teacher. The pulse is to the left crown chakra, top of the head.
  • The analog is Yellow 11 Spectral Sun or 11Stop Codon; Christ Consciousness. Karmic Student in a big way. The pulse is to the right crown chakra, top of the head.
  • The Guide Power is Itself
  • The antipode is Red 11 Spectral Moon; release and dissolving of Universal feelings. Karmic student. The pulse is to the right foot/grounding.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is White 3 Electric Wind or 3Glycine, the solar wind in the GEC; communication. The pulse is to the right neck.
  • The 5GForce is Red 3 Electric Dragon or 3Cysteine; Passion. Karmic student. The pulse to the entire body is coming from the right side of the head. This is in total synchronicity with the Hidden Wisdom probably having to do with your mother. Watch out for a big stress headache if you try to dissolve something today with her.

We are mediated by Pluto today. Pluto rules Scorpio which is about catharsis, also in synchronicity with tone 11.


Earth Holon

Peak amplitude is 63, 55 points above normal.

This is above Gamma brain wave speed which is 33.

8hz, the normal brain state for humans is Alpha brain waves, such as your mood walking down the street relaxed.

Gamma level is stressful, the brain is being tested to uplift. That’s the deal today.

Meditative psychic state is Theta which is 3-7 hz. I think it’s healthy to hang there.

Interplanetary Holon

The solar wind is weak. (In synchronicity with the Hidden Wisdom below). He talks about the ionosphere again at 1:35

  • Mercury (Red Moon) forms a sextile to Saturn this morning, and it will sextile Mars tomorrow. We are alert, practical of mind, and busy. Thoroughness brings rewards today.
  • Mercury-Saturn helps ground us mentally. Reasoning things out logically and step by step can be beneficial and even soothing. This aspect promotes a deliberate and efficient approach to the world around us. We see the benefits of getting organized, making lists, attending to details, and making sound judgments and decisions.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Gemini until 11:31 AM EDT, after which the Cancer Moon is more insular. We’re connecting with our needs for nurture, safety, and familiarity.
  • This afternoon, the Moon-Venus trine is particularly warm, favoring relationships and domestic matters. (Synchronicity with Red 11 Moon Antipode this afternoon)

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