Scientists Have Finished Sequencing the Human Genome. Again. – ExtremeTech

“Scientists Have Finished Sequencing the Human Genome. Again. – ExtremeTech”

No, they haven’t. They’ve hardly begun.

They say “again”…because they keep making the same mistakes over and over because of their dogma and ego and never change their premise. It’s insane which is why sickcare is insane. Of course, they would lose their funding if they departed from their unimaginative narrative.

They don’t understand the body. They treat us like a side of beef, a car, or a robot. They wish we were robots which is totally creepy. No thanks.

The genome is sequenced by the Tzolkin and it is precise. They use nucleotide AAA in the article as an example which is pretty straightforward in the harmonic because it’s HF1 and HF65 as the inverse, it’s not a G.A.P. kin and doesn’t function in the binary triplet configuration nor is it an omega or alpha point.

AAA is Lysine-White Wizard timelessness. The harmonic consists of:

  • 1Cysteine, 1Tyrosine, 1Cysteine, 1Asparagine, 13 Stop Codon, and then for sequencing you can spin that out to the tRNA gateway for 1 Tyrosine, 1 Cysteine, 1Asparagine, and 13 Stop Codon so you have a line of 25 molecules in total just for the first one.
  • 2Glycine, 2Phenylanine, 2Lysine, 2Glutamic Acid, 12 Tryptophan and spin that tRNA out so that you have 25 molecules.
  • Then do that again for the third and fourth gateways and you have 100 molecules to sequence in precise order and direction according to Tzolkonics JUST for AAA.

But you have to figure in the inverse harmonic also because of polarity, positive and negative movement of the electrons and proton. So add in HF65 which is TTT-Phenylalanine and you have 100 more molecules. That’s 200 amino acid molecules to analyze and that’s not even all the patterns!

I haven’t fully figured out their relevance yet but there are far more cosmic patterns to be found because WE are cosmic. And, given that TIME is DNA we need the physicists to chime in. But the microbiologists are very far from where I am. We’re barely in the same neighborhood, except for Dr. Chavez. He totally understood what I was doing and complimented me on it. It would be amazing if even posthumously they figure out what I am doing because they are 3D clenched. I’ll probably be dead before they get it. Fine.

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