Tuesday-Bio-heliology 😉And We are in a New HF53, the Crystal Matrix.

Self-Regulate the Universal Fire of Cooperation. The I Ching is The Arousing, Shock, and Thunder. This will be a fun 4 days. I blogged yesterday to this effect. I felt it coming. It is the Crystal Matrix because it ends with Yellow 12 Crystal Sun. The mantra is about free will since its guide power is Yellow Human. I felt that too.

Body Holon

Reiki attunement can release your karma and move you to the dharmic side. You have the capacity to heal yourself after the attunement and be done with the past. It’s very powerful.

For a dharmic lopteacher kin it helps you remember what you already know so that you can share it.

  • Theme is 9Phenylalanine or Red 9 Earth; 9 solar synchronicity. Dharmic teacher. Pulse is to the left neck
  • Analog is 9Glycine, 9 solar communication. Karmic student. Pulse is to the right neck.
  • Guide Power is 9Glutamine, dharmic teacher, 9 solar prophecy. Pulse is to the left upper thorax.
  • Antipode is 9Isoleucine, 9 solar accomplishment. Karmic student. Pulse is to the right digestive area.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 5Valine, 5 radiant flowering. Karmic student, Pulse is to the right arm.
  • 5gforce 5Alanine, 5Radiant Abundance. Karmic Student. Pulse is to the right shoulder so this pulses perfectly with the Hidden Wisdom.

Earth Holon

Peak Amplitude is 26, 18 points above normal

Interplanetary Holon

Our mediating planet is Uranus.


heliobiology-life in all DNA life forms in the solar system.

  1. (biology) The (study of the) effect of solar activity on life (both animal and plant)

I like the word bioheliology better. It bounces. That would be the study of the effect of all evolving, sentient, conscious life that has a mind. on the sun.

  • Venus enters Pisces today, where it will transit until May 2nd. This transit brings sweet but sometimes escapist energy to our lives, especially our interactions and relationships. Venus in Pisces is tender and affectionate, although difficult to reach, as there is a longing for something hard to define and satisfy. Borders and boundaries blur under this influence. The shadow side of this position can involve evasiveness and avoidance. Otherwise, it’s a time for increased compassion and greater understanding. We’re opening our minds to different pleasures and pastimes in the weeks ahead. (I have Venus in Pisces ♓ and Neptune takes me out to sea most of the time).
  • The Moon spends today in the sign of Gemini, keeping us on our toes mentally. The Gemini Moon encourages us to diversify, put our feelers out, and pick up new ideas or tips.

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