Maya Tribe Names and Translation

Just so you can see I”m not making this stuff up. It’s verified by archeological science.

Archeological help from Sandy Huff, Merida de Yucatan Mexico
These are fun. The head glyph version of The Tones of Creation. Looking at them, they may denote the tribe numbers as well.

Dreamspell Name Maya Name English Translation Amino Acid

  • Red Dragon- Imix- Sea Dragon/Water/Wine- Cysteine
  • White Wind- Ik- Air/Life- Glycine
  • Blue Night- Akbal- Night- Alanine
  • Yellow Seed- Kan- Corn- Valine
  • Red Serpent- Chicchan- Serpent- Serine
  • White World-Bridger- Cimi- Death – Threonine
  • Blue Hand- Manik- Deer/Grasp- Isoleucine
  • Yellow Star- Lamat- Rabbit- Leucine
  • Red Moon- Muluc- Rain- Methionine, the start codon
  • White Dog- Oc- Dog- Aspartic Acid
  • Blue Monkey- Chuen- Monkey- Arginine
  • Yellow Human- Eb- Broom- Glutamic Acid
  • Red Skywalker- Ben- Reed- Glutamine
  • White Wizard- Ix- Jaguar- Lysine
  • Blue Eagle- Men- Eagle/Bird/Wise One Arginine
  • Yellow Warrior- Cib- Owl/Vulture Histidine
  • Red Earth- Caban- Earth Force- Phenylalanine
  • White Mirror- Etznab- Flint/Knife- Tyrosine
  • Blue Storm- Cauac- Storm/tun- Tryptophan
  • Yellow Sun- Ahau- Lord- Stop Codon

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