Monday Daily Reading; Calm Day to Cruise

Body Holon

Our bodies are becoming more collective, more responsive to all DNA life on the planet. We are becoming unified. The disparateness that has been endemic to the c!@&* is weakening. I can feel it. Humanity is in agreement about free will and freedom so far. The other values will follow.

We pulse to Galactic tone 8 today, the left shoulder JOINT. That is in perfect synchronicity with the theme, Yellow 8 Galactic Warrior, 8Histidine pulsing to the left arm flesh on the dharmic side. Warrior kin are teachers.

Remember that the dharmic kin who are teaching are doing their DUTY on the planet, their work, which is to be of service to the Light. We have an obligation to remember our own past karma in gratitude and what we already achieved and share it with the students who cross our path. We’re not here to party, be negative, or flirt with our old addictions again and it’s nye on impossible for a teacher to forget for long. Been there done that.

White Dog, Blue Monkey, Yellow Human, Red Skywalker, White Wizard, Blue Eagle, Yellow Warrior, Red Earth, White Mirror, and Blue Storm are teachers, here to remember and share their lessons. All of these kin need to be attuned and functioning fully in their dharma as Lightworkers now.

  • The theme is Yellow 8 Galactic Warrior, 8Histidine; intelligence. Dharmic teacher. Pulse is to the left arm.
  • Analog is Blue 8 Galactic Night, 8Alanine; Abundance. Karmic student. It pulses to the right arm’s flesh.
  • Guide power is Yellow 8 Galactic Sun or 8 Stop Codon; Universal Fire! Karmic student. It pulses to the right crown chakra. These kin are students but I sense that they come from a specific system as a group and have karma but also knowledge to impart about the Sun.
  • Antipode is White 8 galactic Worldbridger or 8Threonine; Galactic CHANGE/death. Karmic student. It pulses to the right upper thorax or rib/lung/heart area.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 6 Rhythmic Serpent or 6Serine; Instinctual Life Force. Karmic student. It pulses to the right breast/pec.
  • The 5GForce pulsing to the entire body from Fifth Density is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Seed or 6Valine pulsing from the right arm flesh to the entire body. Think of both of your arms as wings (Eagle and Seed-targeted, flowering vision) started by Warrior and Night (intelligence and abundance) in the shoulder joints. These are powerful archetypes that have ended up in numerous stories and myths to spur humans to take flight on every level, and we have.

It looks to me like Yellow Warrior kin has a full classroom in this gateway. and it is generally that way; one teacher and the other four are students.

Earth Holon

The peak Amplitude is 10 at the moment.

It’s interesting that with all the storms we’re having that it is this low since they claim lightning sets it. That means that there is more affecting it than lightning. The lightning and solar wind would flare up the ionosphere but DNA consciousness on the planet is bringing it down. The vibration of all life, all water, all plants and animals, all humans all underground species are calm when it’s this low. If we STAY calm and control our emotions, the changes can happen gradually and not be cataclysmic.

Interplanetary Holon

The sun is not changing us, we are changing us collectively, as a gestalt of Earth DNA. There is also a gestalt of-

  • Mercury DNA
  • Mars DNA
  • Venus DNA
  • Jupiter DNA
  • Saturn DNA
  • Neptune DNA
  • Uranus DNA (that is some strange DNA-Aquarius)
  • Pluto DNA
  • The Moon is an artificial sphere. The LOC (Lunar Operations Command) is politically neutral also. NASA has always used it for propaganda because it’s fully controlled by Earth. I don’t think there is natural DNA on the moon but there may be now because all species have gathered up there for meetings for decades.

The entire interplanetary holon is totally connected on every level to earth and the Sun serves all of us. It is responding to us as it always has to support evolution. There is life on our local system planets. The government just doesn’t want us to know because we’d ask more questions on this prison planet of mandated ignorance. The very last thing they want is for us to thrive. It’s obvious by their actions.

We are mediated by Saturn today, whose rings are melting as our poles are melting.


Whatever the Sun throws at us in conversation we can modulate with OUR response in the Psi Bank. The earth has a mind as well, and a will, and feelings, and a history. There is NO way in this Universe that the earth is PASSIVE about what happens to her, just like her daughters running the planet. Her sons need to guard them, not stir up more drama and fear.

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