Studying Earth’s Double Electrical Heartbeat – Eos

Here is more scientific backing of the Schumann Resonance as the best way to monitor the Global Electric Circuit (GEC).

“Studying Earth’s Double Electrical Heartbeat – Eos”

I think it’s more realistic for humans to accept that we have a mind and contribute with all Creation, to creation, as we always have which shows up in the Psi Bank. We are not powerless victims waiting for an inevitable disaster. Things are just changing. Change is natural and good.

This offloading narrative that we’re destructive little, worthless, poisonous ants is not accurate. If you piled up all the most magnificent art and architectural creations, ideas and inventions by humans, great music, paintings, and books it would be miles high.

Our self esteem plummets when we don’t use our time to create or do art when we don’t view our own bodies as art and take care of them and when we don’t see God in us or in each other.

Time is art. Therefore art is in our DNA because time is DNA. We are in the body to create the details of our lives in synchronicity with each other. Time is whatever you want to do with your body. My DNA is all about Time Science Research and Empowerment so for me, Time is TSR Empowerment. Fill in your own blank

Humans have been abused and used on earth ever since we stood up and walked on two legs. We have had a mindset of trusting children, highly programmable and emotional.

The offloading and programming from species who look human but are not… needs to stop ✋. They run the institutions and just want to use humans.. We need to finally see ourselves as creative adults, not slaves begging for money and more stuff and waiting like helpless children for the Sun to snuff us out. I don’t believe it and I’m not doing it.

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