Saturday Daily Reading; We are in Harmonic 54; Gathering Together

During these changes I want to make it clear that it is THE SUN that is going to flash and go dark, not the earth or the other planets. We are going to all change and evolve forward but it doesn’t have to be cataclysmic if a majority of our minds adjust. I think Spiritual people feel cynical about that and I know conservatives, especially Ben and other military folks also.

They view negativity and cataclysm as rational. I don’t. I call it mis-creating and not understanding the literal power of your beliefs, attitude and feelings to create a situation. Just because it happened in the past doesn’t mean it has to happen again! That’s the time warp, the dreamspell whose inoculation is 13:20 or Tzolkonic time. It’s right here on this blog or any of the apps.

The changes are already happening and won’t stop nor should they. But the details of how it plays out are entirely up to us since we’re the ones forcing the changes, not the Sun.

Body Holon

Each day in the body on earth is like being in a classroom. This is earth school and our bodies are the teacher.

We pulse to Rhythmic Tone 6 today at the right shoulder JOINT.

  • The theme is White 6 Rhythmic Wizard or 6Lysine; Timelessness. Pulse is to the left pec/breast area. Dharmic teacher.
  • The analog is Red 6 Rhythmic Serpent or 6Serine; Passion/Sex. Pulse is to the right pec/breast area. Karmic Student.
  • The Guide Power is Itself-Dharmic teacher.
  • The Antipode is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Seed or 6Valine; Flowering. Pulse is to the right arm in synchronicity with the theme. Karmic student.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 8 Galactic Hand or 8Isoleucine; Healing and Accomplishment. Pulse is to the right digestive area of the abdomen above the navel. Karmic Student.
  • The 5GForce is White 8 Galactic World-Bridger or 8Threonone; Death/Change. Pulse is to the right lung/rib area. Karmic Student.

The Psi Bank

The peak Frequency is 43. That is quite high.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Maldek/Tiamat/the asteroid belt today. I knew 2 men, Malkekians who died on this gateway; my boyfriend Michael and the priest I worked for featured in “Healer”, Father Phil. Both were Red Serpent. My past life karma big time to jog my memory to realize I’m a teacher.

Tiamat/Maldek blown up is right next to Mars. Maldek is the old name for Mars.

There is at least 20% less magnetism around the earth now 🌎 and it causes changes in the brain. The changes are on earth and in the galaxy. The sun is responding to evolution on all of the planets. We need to adapt. I am happy to be on earth right now.

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