What We Care About

Focus in and be honest with yourself regarding who and what you really care about. I have tears sometimes thinking about about how all humans have been lied to, manipulated, abused, preyed on and mistreated by the elite who hate the human race. They run the planet! We let them.

They’ve programmed us to hate ourselves for a plethora of reasons. The church is a great help to the state in that. Divide and conquer. That’s what the caste systems are for, so well upheld by the Democrats who CREATED THEM by focusing on it in their rhetoric all the time. There is always a card to play in their elite game and they have their members convinced they are victims. Humans are NOT destined or intended to be victims! They never stop trying to victimize all of us but if we don’t accept the role, we win.

I have compassion for all life on earth and every single human being from every culture and even ex-cons. I’ve had every type of human in my office for treatment and dogs.🐕

Dogs are so easy to telepathically read because they don’t lie. They are a treat but many dogs are empathic and absorb too much negative energy from their human. Humans need to stop offloading on dogs. It doesn’t occur with cats or horses who are fairly self-contained. Horses and cats are lightworkers and don’t allow offloading. They listen and understand humans but they are detached, thankfully. That’s how we are supposed to be.

You can pivot and align your minds to realize we exist in the web of life. What is your contribution to the ONE whole of DNA on the planet?

The one whole of DNA is all animals and plants, the ocean, the air, rock, humans and underground life including the E.T. ancestor communities underground. The earth is teeming with a variety of evolving life and we each have a will and destiny. There is no competition there if you work the synchronicity, karma and dharma, embrace and let go. But you have to wrap your mind around who and what you truly embrace and what you need to release to be in your power and truth, to be of service to the whole.

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