Thursday Daily Reading; M and X Class Solar Storms are Hitting Earth

Body Holon

We are in the perfect line-up today to school co-dependent, empathic humans. It’s Yellow 4 Self-existing Human.

We need to stay out of others vortex and sit in our own. Many people have been raised in religious, alcoholic, or abusive households where family members did not take care of themselves or their feelings. To stay alive, they vampired other’s soul energy; anyone, family, or foe. Karma! If you try to have compassion for an addicted person because you “want to help” they will sink you. It’s not wise. Allowing someone to sink you is throwing your pearls before swine.

Today’s mantra says if you want to influence anything you need to measure wisdom and seal the process of free will. That means that you have the right to love and take care of yourself and be influential and they have the right to do the opposite. Do not judge. This is a karma/dharma planet. Also, if someone close to you dies, honor their choice to leave the planet and let them go. It’s happened to me four times.

They have the right to die and you have the right to live. You are alive and have a duty to carry on for people with whom you share love. If you cry for three years you are in the dead zone, trying to remain physically and emotionally connected to someone who is not in this dimension. If you stay there you will die also. Plus, you have no right to wish you could change their destiny. We each need to mind our own destiny.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of medium contact but not all the time. The world of the dead and the world of the living are very different.

The evolving gateway is 4Glutamic Acid in support of 4Isoleucine. Guiding is 4Leucine and challenging is 4Glycine. Hidden Wisdom is 10Methionine.

What I see here are Humans who understand what it takes to ALIGN and HEAL their body and are willing to parse out the details of FORM and enact the plan. Leucine governs the muscles so, get moving on that with a schedule. Blowing with the wind is challenging. I daydream and sometimes I’m lazy. Kick yourself in the butt to change your FORM, your health, and thus your life and work. We can manifest a new DNA sequence with the start codon. And what is the main attribute of THE START CODON for all DNA? FEELINGS; Red Moon is a Flow of Universal Feelings. Figure out how you really feel about things. Ruminate on your choices and how you may have blamed others for YOUR life. We are self-generating not others generating. The 5GForce is Yellow 10 Star or 10Leucine pulsing off of the guiding power so it’s occult wisdom. Tone and strengthen your muscles or you will fall apart. Beauty and elegance of form matter. It’s an art and it’s our inspiration on the planet. There is plenty of ugly behavior. Let’s be artistic co-creators with everything we are and do, including our bodies. Old people can be buff ya know. There is nothing biologically stopping us. What stops us is the HUGE agreed-upon thought-form that as you age you will fall apart, die, and never have sex again. That is utter…nonsense.

Earth Holon

You may physically feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. The barometer is low with storms over here. We have a low-frequency X Class Solar flare hitting tonight and the M class hit last night. The S.R. monitor just came back up.


The peak AMPLITUDE is 60!

Watch “Galactic Disaster Seen Again, Space Weather Details | S0 News Mar.31.2022” on YouTube

This one is hilarious. Ben reacts to the cries of children (followers) at night. That’s ok. He has little ones so he has Daddy- brain. I would do that for you folks if I woke up with a prophetic dream but I view you as adults.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by a rocking and rolling earth today. Humans want deep change and no doubt we will get it. The planets influencing today are the Earth, Venus, Uranus, and Mercury.

  • The Moon continues its transit of Pisces until 5:31 AM EDT when it enters Aries.
  • The Aries Moon is straightforward and enterprising.
  • The Moon aligns with Mercury in Aries, and we’re full of exciting ideas. (Total synchronicity with the Mayan Gateway.)
  • We’re heading towards a New Moon in the sign, exact early tomorrow, after which we want to start fresh.
  • Until then, it’s better to wind down, reflect, settle things, and tie up loose ends.
It’s so beautiful. I love Earth.

Black holes are Absorbing All the Gases in the Galaxy. 🤔

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