Wednesday Daily Reading; We live in a Hologram. What You Feel and Think is Real, not What You See. Focus Your Mind

We do not live in an A.I. SIMULATION. Nature is the difference. Holograms are NATURAL. They are part of the galaxy. Simulations come from the machine world matrix. They are lies, devoid of freewill, a soul, or co-creative status. Call out anyone who suggests we live in a simulation.

Focus your own mind with intention or you’re just reacting to communal projections that have manifested into forms that appear in our eyes. It’s a waste of energy. If everyone and everything on the planet intended a specific THING or situation and applied feeling to it, the Schumann Resonance would show it and earth and the sun would hear it and adjust. We obviously all know now that something needs to REALLY change in our society. How do we want this to play out and what do we want instead? I will start posting suggestions for meditation daily.

Earth Holon/Psi Bank

The Peak frequency is 16

Body Holon

  • Tone 3 pulses to our right hip JOINT.
  • The theme, Blue 3 Monkey, 3Asparagime pulses to the left lower abdomen, reproductive area, and thigh FLESH.
  • How you feel and what you choose to think about goes into every DNA molecule of your body and changes you.
  • You are not what you eat, you are what you think and feel, whatever your mental focus is. And your food molecules morph as you focus your intention on it also. Your food is not more powerful than your mind. Your food does have its own vibration but you can trump it somewhat. Some people more than others. It’s a huge collective thoughtform that food is more powerful than your mind. It’s a huge collective thoughtform that money and technology are more powerful than your mind. Think of all the things we’ve created on earth with our ideas and mind and once it’s manifested, we give it more power than the minds which brought it into being in the first place!
  • Get your mind and your muscles (flesh) aligned and your whole body will align.
  • ELECTRIC 3Asparagine, 3Leucine, 3Arginine 3Cysteine, 11Aspartic Acid are evolving today. We’re bonding illusion and and 3Dvision into our eyes today to lighten things up. The antipode mediates the right eye. This is a magical dimension we live in where things are not as they appear lest you be fooled and let what you see control your emotions. You decide your focus and feelings yourself or you’ll be led down the rabbit hole.
  • The 5GForce is 11Methionine or Red 11 Spectral Moon. Fifth density is pulsing to our right foot and left hip joint so we have body awareness or grounding energy to work with today to change the direction of the new DNA sequence. Methionine is the START CODON only it’s in the upper density.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Venus today in the Blue Monkey~Yellow Star tribe.

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