They Have the Right to Try. You Have the Right to say NO to their Schemes and YES to What You Want for Yourself and Life on Earth. 8 Billion of Us.

The video is below.

If you don’t assert your FREE WILL by universal law they can do what they want with you. The Universe has your back though as an evolving human BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK. You also have to speak up when they’ve crossed your line.

We can have control over our brains and genes if we assert it and want it. You can erase painful and scary moments from your mind yourself. #1, focus on something more powerful that’s positive. You have to replace it with something else. Remember when Harry Potter was practicing the Patronus charm with Lupin and Lupin said, “No,  that’s not nearly good enough. You’ve got to use a far more positive memory or thought!” and then he changed it.

He was using the Patronus charm to ward off the Dementors. Don’t ever trust Tech, Science and sick care. They are Dementors that are soul sucking. You’ve got to use something for focus that is positive  from your own mind to get them away from you.

There is no memory center in the brain. It’s in the etheric mind. Never trust science and tech on this issue.

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