Northern U.S. could see dazzling aurora Wednesday night

The aurora reflect the entire Tzolkin and its evolutionary influence on us. 🙏

A sunspot produced a cannibal CME, which is expected to bring a strong geomagnetic storm and beautiful aurora

By Kasha Patel and Matthew Cappucci 

Today at 9:43 a.m. EDT|Updated today at 2:12 p.m. EDT

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It’s a good time to look up at the night sky.

Sky watchers at northern latitudes could be treated to a beautiful aurora Wednesday night into early Thursday, after the sun unleashed two large bursts of energy toward Earth. Activity is expected to peak in the early morning Thursday as a strong geomagnetic storm (rated 3 out of 5) reaches Earth’s magnetic field.

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In the United States, the northern lights may be seen as far south as Oregon, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Massachusetts. Cloud cover from parts of the Upper Midwest into the interior Northeast may impede viewing, but skies should be clear across much of the Northern Plains through the northern Rockies. Sky cover will vary in the Pacific Northwest.

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