Monday Daily Reading; Today We Start a New 52-day Cycle and a New Harmonic

We land on magnetic Tone 1 in the Moon Genesis; Synchronize Humans. That is a tall order. The new HF is 53; Self-Existing Process, formulate the free will of form. 550Hz, I Ching21; Biting through reform. The Moon is in Aquarius. Tone 1 pulses to our right ankle JOINT.

The Free Will of Form is a universal law for all things that are DNA/Time. Any plant or tree looks the way it does because it wants to look that way. Humans look the way they do because they want to look that way, but in many cases, they let their physical form go by default and act as though they can do nothing about it. We can do everything about it, especially these days. There is nothing and no one that is meant to be passive on the earth. All life is active and cooperative. Life FORMS have an individual will and it’s futile to try to usurp it. If you kill it, it will come back stronger, like a tree that’s cut down only so far. The roots are still there. It will grow back bigger. I love that when I see it in nature.

Body Holon

We are mediated by Mercury today. Red Moon archetype, Methionine, pulses to our right FOOT in synchronicity with Tone 1 on the right ankle.

  • Red 1 Magnetic Moon is a beacon or transmitting station. As you open to self-remembrance, you become a beacon and receiver for cosmic consciousness. This communication creates the gradual opening of the third eye, the eye within the monolith of self. As this eye opens and your communication becomes more refined, you will notice more signs, signals, and understanding coming to you. These are all for your growth and evolution – a feedback system from which you can gain insight into your journey.
  • White 1 Dog Analog can be seen as an access point for developing relationships with guides, totems, allies, and guardians. There are many ways to work with these spiritual guides, including guided visualizations, shamanic journeys, and meditation. A useful construct is viewing them as aspects of yourself, part of your life stream that is asking to be integrated. Remember, there is no ‘other’. In this grand adventure, you are being asked to embody all that you are. Profound insights are garnered through shared purpose and relationships with others who are willing to be in their truth and integrity about the light and shadow aspects they perceive in themselves.
  • Red 1 Moon is the Guide Power also. Eventually, living in a new key or tonality creates a harmonious shift that naturally moves you to another resonance. Through experiencing this higher resonance, communication is set up with the next octave of archetypal energy. In a literal way, then, Red Moon is like a walkie-talkie, a communication device for the higher resonances. When this communication becomes fully realized, it is possible to communicate in the resonance of Yellow Warrior. Yellow Warrior is exactly one octave, or eight archetypes up from Red Moon, representing communication with cosmic consciousness.
  • Blue 1 Storm is the Antipode. A shadow of Cauac falls on those who seek to escape or transcend earthly reality through addictions of all kinds – to substances, fears, self-doubts, material comforts, relationships, sexual obsessions, and work, among others. Addictions are like incomplete rites of passage, where compulsive behavior creates a feeling of being trapped rather than being free. They may offer the appearance of freedom, but only spiritual connection can offer true freedom. On the other hand, the desire for a new or altered state can become an indirect spiritual path leading to transcendence. Thus the escape is incomplete, yet it eventually brings one the opportunity of a profound transformation.
  • Yellow 13 Cosmic Human is the Hidden Wisdom. This is the foundation and awakening of your light body, a body crafted from the expansion of interstellar light within every cell. This body exists in and out of time and space and is able to experience and communicate freely with other dimensions and times. This is the resonant body within those whom Jose Arguelles calls the Servant-Warriors: “those humans who fully realize the dream light body within the physical body and understand the circuitry of the human organism – who use the light body to navigate the electromagnetic waters which we call the universe.”
  • The 5GForce is Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey. In this New Myth, your spontaneous, divine child will usher in and anchor the new frequency. How can you heal your inner child? Explore what truly gives you joy. Find types of work that support your sensitivity and create deep satisfaction. Be simple: love, play, dance, draw, color, sing. These activities are for all divine children – they serve the expression of the magical child in everyone. Consciously make time for the joyful freedom and magic of play!

Earth Holon

The Peak frequency is 13 with the new HF and new 52-day cycle


Interplanetary Holon

What if our cycles are not 1500, 3000, and 6000 which are factors of 12 or 3D. What if our cycles are cosmic; 1625, 3250, and 6500? Our exponential numbers are 0, 20, 5, 13, 52, and 65. Just sayin’… I’m loyal to that math.

  • 6500 x 2 = 13,000
  • 3250 x 2 = 6500
  • 1625 x 2 = 3250

As far as the movement in the core, it is my opinion that the earth Initiates that movement herself, the Sun detects it and responds. What makes Ben think none of these changes would be initiated by the earth on behalf of the will and need of her children; all life on earth? Why does he think sun cycles are the only dynamic, willful cycles? 🙄

Open to page 112 of “Time is DNA” where it talks about the Sunspot cycle. Then look at Table 3 on page 75, the primordial dynamic of crossover polarity and analysis. It will help you understand how the Tzolkin is driving and interacting with these cosmic forces.

po·loid·al PHYSICS

  1. relating to or denoting a magnetic field (Tone 1)associated with a toroidal electric field, in which each line of force is confined to a radial or meridian plane.
You could overlay the Tzolkin on these, just as you can the earth. It illuminates the movement of time as the earth and us. This is the binary triplet configuration as the movement of the double helix (image on the left)

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