Saturday-The ScR is higher at Peak Frequency 59

Body Holon

Crystal tone 12 rules our hologram today. This kin lives for their friends. They do follow others, the tone 12 folks. You have to keep an eye on them. But indeed, their friends make them the happiest. Evolving today in us is 12Isoleucine, 12Glutamic Acid, 12Tryptophan, 12Phenylalanine, and 2Lysine. 5GForce is 2Glutamine. This is Ukrainian President Zelensky’s birth gateway. Putin is Yellow 7 Human so you can see how they are lined up right next to each other as analogs. I think this conflict is the doing of the U.S. government hiding behind Russia and Ukraine. They’re using them. It’s a proxy war to cover up the U.S.-run human trafficking.

Nutshell; The focus is on healing and community guided by powerful mental movement and challenged by synchronicity. Polarizing timelessness as the hidden wisdom? It’s DNA. DNA is timeless but it’s double-strand duality and manifests as humans with karma and dharma, past and present, female and male. But we sit in a body run by the CNS which is timeless.

12 Glutamic Acid as the support,, 12Tryptophan Storm as guide power, and 12Phenylanine navigation as antipode, this is a communal healing of the mind showing up in S.R.

I believe the yellow is the high amplitude. The highest level in the last 3 years is 158 Hz on 7th of December 2019. This is synchronous with the beginning of the Covid19 fiasco. I felt this so strongly in my office. Everything shifted , like a tsunami of energy, and I had already had the virus a few weeks earlier. This was as impactful to my memory as the Challenger disaster.

Neither one was surprising to me. Humanity can’t go on as it has whether it’s space and technology or its approach to the body and health. It’s all out of alignment of any truth or accuracy.

Earth Holon

The peak Frequency is 59.
You can see the amplitude on the right peaking.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the Earth today. The earth has everything we need and when we commune with her she helps us heal ourselves. She doesn’t do it all for us, just like a good mother doesn’t. We need to self-generate (blue storm) and become independent and then interdependent.

This section covers cosmic and astronomical movements for the day. At 2:35 he starts to analyze the S.R. and the ionosphere. Interesting timing. I think the earth draws it out of the sun or attracts the energy to the planet. It’s communication. The earth is not passively sitting there taking orders from the sun! and neither are the other planets while the Sun dominates everything. Actually, the sun is fairly simple running on mostly hydrogen and helium to be a radiation factory. That cannot be said of any of the local planets. Life evolving on the local planets is complicated.

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