Friday-Endings Are Coming But It’s a Good Thing. Can Any of Us Stand What Our Society Has Been? I’m So Done With it.

My analogy is being so hungry for habit, fear of the unknown, and what you understand that you’re willing to eat out of a garbage can. Our society and media have become garbage, IMO. I’ve always seen this coming though, my whole life. I’ve never enjoyed what most people call normal and I have a vision for the kind of world I want to live in. I’ll blog it soon.

We are in the Zone of Transformation today and the next two days to end this current 52-day cycle. On Monday we enter a new 52-day Cycle whose attributes are organizing the holographic matrix and synchronizing the humans within it. This is natural evolution folks incorporating dharmic and karmic kin. The black hats sit and spin in karma and create more. The white hats are dharmic teachers, those who have released the past and learned from it, forgiven themselves, and respect their teachers who are their dharmic analog. Today, for instance, White W.B. is a student (unless they’ve already figured it out in this life), and Red Skywalker is their teacher. Can a dharmic teacher screw up and make more karma? Yes. It goes both ways but it’s not terribly likely.

Earth Holon

People have strong feelings about what has happened and is going on with our government. Time to clean house. We can see the collective Mindset in the S.R.

We are still at 45 peak frequency.

Body Holon

Spectral tone 11 has the day so we are dissolving and releasing things and people that are toxic and creating something more equitable.

  • 11Threonine, 11Glutamine. Itself, 11Histidine, 3Arginine. 5gforce is 3Lysine or White 3 Electric Wizard. Sometimes that very talented, very different artist or eccentric drops an idea or a work right there…and people gasp. Art is timeless and is meant to emotionally move you to a new place. The Wizard kin do that for us. It dissolves our walls.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mars today. The moon is last quarter in Capricorn ♑.

This planet is still in flux…

It is total synchronicity that Ben features Biden today and rails on him about The New World order. Today is White 11 Spectral World-Bridger and Biden is White 2 Electric W.B. Our society is dissolving and Biden is helping destroy it but I agree that we trust none of them to guide (navigate-Red Earth) a new one.

Uranus mediates Red Earth and White Wind and rules the Age of ♒ Aquarius. He brings up Uranus in his astrological musings. Even smart, science focused people follow astrology. Astrology is astronomy.

Watch “Disaster Surrounding the Solar System, New World Order, Space Weather | S0 News Mar.25.2022” on YouTube

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