Thursday Daily Reading; Today is an Omega Point in the Harmonic, the end of a larger sequence.

We enter a new Harmonic 52; Cosmic store of energy (in all DNA species). Remember the elegance of Presence. The DNA Nucleotide is the endpoint, the Stop Codon-TGA. The I Ching hexagram is 12; Standstill/Stagnation. That means the next four days we’ll be winding up some things until we hit the end of the 52-day cycle (castle) and end the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving with 13Leucine (Yellow 13 Cosmic Star). Leucine governs our muscles and uses them to change our DNA during muscle strengthening. 13 x 4 = 52 so this cycle began February 4, 2022, with Red 1 Magnetic Earth.

Earth Holon

Peak Frequency of 12. Creation has calmed down a bit.

Sea ice that slowed the flow of Antarctic glaciers abruptly shatters in three days

Body Holon

Red 10 Planetary Serpent

Tone 10 is about manifestation, perfection, the 4D world we see, money, producing, finishing a project, and putting it before everyone and everything else. Tone 10 are usually workaholics and not very interested in bonded relationships. That’s just who they are and there should be no judgment. If you push them they will push back. They’re on a mission; their own.

  • 10Serine, 10Lysine, 10Glutamine, 10 Arginine and 4Histidine. 5gforce is 4Arginine so it pulses occult on the antipode challenge.


D-serine (RED SERPENT) transmits chemical signals in the brain via neurotransmitters. D-serine is used for schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, memory and thinking skills (cognitive function), and many other conditions. L-serine is used to improve sleeping, Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS), and many other conditions. There is no good scientific evidence to support most of these uses. (but they put it in Rx anyway!).

Lysine (WHITE WIZARD) appears to help the body absorb calcium, and it plays an important role in the formation of collagen, a substance important for bones and connective tissues including skin, tendons, and cartilage. Most people get enough lysine in their diet.

The functions of glutamine (RED SKYWALKER) are many and include a substrate for protein synthesis, an anabolic precursor for muscle growth, acid-base balance in the kidney, substrate for ureagenesis in the liver, substrate for hepatic and renal gluconeogenesis, an oxidative fuel for intestine and cells of the immune system, inter-organ nitrogen transport, precursor for neurotransmitter synthesis, precursor for nucleotide and nucleic acid synthesis and precursor for glutathione production. 

Arginine (BLUE EAGLE) plays an important role in cell division, wound healing, removing ammonia from the body, immune function, and the release of hormones. It is a precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO), making it important in the regulation of blood pressure.

Histidine (YELLOW WARRIOR)People use histidine as medicine. Histidine is used for rheumatoid arthritis, allergic diseases, ulcers, and anemia caused by kidney failure or kidney dialysis. Histidine helps make a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) called histamine. Histamine plays an important role in your body’s immune function, digestion, sleep, and sexual function.

Interplanetary Holon

Our mediating planet is Maldek/Tiamat/Mars/the asteroid belt). The Red Serpent Time Portal is 60°N–75°E in Northern Russia. The Sun is in Aries and the Moon in Sagittarius. They are both fire signs.

We have a few square aspects to deal with (negative). The Moon is square Mercury and Neptune so clear communication will be challenging. Mars is square Uranus so directness and aggression to change the traditional, boring, old way of doing things won’t go over so well. This is a day to drink tea and mind your own project.

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