The Research on my Tones of Creation Book has begun. It will be my Fifth Book.

Sound is the source of math and DNA in our Universe

This particular document (link below) is very good and is attached to an NIH genome project. Even before I start, it looks like they know that SOUND and TONE are connected to DNA. I can tell already that my concept of the tones in the Mayan Harmonic is pure vibration in the upper densities as opposed to 3D sound, but I believe they are related, just as our physical bodies are one with our Higher Godself in 5th density.

Think of getting your nutrients through food. It’s 4D but we need more than that~we need air, water, love, and good vibes. That’s why food never quite satiates, at least it doesn’t for me. Water does and is my salvation on this planet. Fifth density frequency or sound is probably only heard by dogs (White Dog) in 4D. It reminds me of the egg that Harry Potter tried to open out of the water. It was a terrible screech. When he took it underwater the mermaids were singing. Same idea. Water has a higher frequency than air.

This is a scientific fact and is the basis for monitoring the Schumann Resonance/ Psi Bank Frequency changes. As the earth’s frequency changes from the ELM energy, so does all DNA on earth.

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