ALERT! THE Schumann Resonance Shot Up

I’ve been writing and publishing all day but tried to do my 2 mile walk. No way. My energy is tanked.

So if you’re feeling off, these elevated frequencies cause noted changes in health, as does barometer change and solar flares.

I want to note that S.R. measures lightning strikes globally in the ionosphere and that changes the frequencies and amplitude. Lightning is the archetype for Blue Storm which as my followers know is all about Self-generation or consciousness. Therefore, the contention that S.R. measures changes in human consciousness is correct. The more lightning, the more our brains and plants are charged up.

Blue Storm is tryptophan which loves to hang out with nitrogen. Lightning creates nitrogen fixation in the soil. See how it all hangs together?


Peak frequency is 45!

So, at 4pm Russian time, look at the amplitude shoot up. Very loud. They are 7 hours ahead of U.S. EST so that hit us at 9am this morning. I sure felt it.

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