Wednesday Daily Reading; Solar Targeting

Body Holon

We land on Solar Tone 9 with Yellow 9 Seed; realizing intention, consciousness and confidence. Tone 9 is future-oriented.

  • 9Valine is supported by 9Arginine. Moving to the left it’s 9Stop Codon, 9Lysine and 5Phenylalanine. The 5GForce or Higher Self is 5Histidine. This godself is what I said in the “nutshell”.

Nutshell; Seeds and flowers are guided by the DNA of the Sun and so are we. It’s spring. Vision is a teacher and support. A compassionate mind that believes in itself is fertile. The sequence stops and gains psychic, intelligent heart knowing through education and attunement. The resulting wisdom is radiant synchronicity. Respect your teachers but don’t worship them.

Earth Holon

The peak Frequency is 24

The phrase “human consciousness” sounds esoteric and fake to those that have none, and are still asleep spiritually and rebelling, thus the Schumann Resonance isn’t considered science to them. They are incorrect. It is science. Be patient with those that sit in ego, self-hatred, guilt, and shadow and like to fight and display. We need as many people to wake up as possible to retain diversity on earth. But don’t let them overpower or abuse you, ever. Stand up for freedom of expression and be smart enough to win the argument for the Light.

“The Van Allen radiation belts (the Psi Bank which S.R. measures) were discovered in 1958 by James A. Van Allen, the American physicist who designed the instruments onboard Explorer 1, the first spacecraft launched by the United States. He also led the team of scientists that studied and interpreted the radiation data.”-May 19, 2020, Human brain waves and electromagnetic waves around the earth and the galaxy have long been measured. The change in frequency means it’s alive and moving. NASA saw that back in 1958 when they sent up Explorer and discovered the Psi Bank.

Jose A. renamed the Van Allen belts the Psi Bank which is what we call them now because we know, and science knows, the earth is sentient and has its own agenda, just like you do. No planet, nor the Sun takes orders from anyone. It’s a good example for humans. Plants and animals take no orders either. Nature is cooperative and diversified and runs on its own sense taking into account the Whole. That said we are not ignored even though we have barely cooperated. Some do cooperate; the teachers and the good students. Creation knows that this is an experimental decimal planet and that humans are largely unevolved and flailing; thus they are easy to program. But it’s not our fault. The Universe has made too many mistakes on this planet. They aren’t perfect either. Humans don’t have to be easy to program. Educate yourself and use your intuition.

As the S.R. peak frequency increases it means that as a collective Mind, life on the planet is becoming more intelligent. I know it’s hard to tell in the grocery store but I can tell by the conversations I have with people. They are letting go of their karma and attendant guilt and moving into dharma. We need to all move from student to teacher and drop the ego and doormat motivation which is low self-esteem. Love yourself and love others with boundaries.

I have clients who were getting dependent on me. Now they are getting trained and attuned to Reiki so they can heal themselves. That’s the purpose of health care, to have the tools to take care of yourself. It’s not technological and complicated, its cooperating with nature rather than trying to usurp it. Usurping is not going to work. The North and South Poles are 70 degrees above normal because they want to be, not because humans are hurting them. The poles are melting.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter. See my post on Jupiter posted yesterday. The Moon is now in Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter; Synchronicity. The Time Portal is located at 60°N–165°E in the South Pacific, South of Australia.

Jupiter has many storms and there is a pentagonal storm at the South Pole. The Number 5 (the occult power today) looms large here. It means overtone/radiant. Sag shoots higher.

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