Monday-The Psi Bank is Pulsing Very High. This is an Important Post All the Way to the Bottom.

I hope you have your book handy. Read pages 114-118.
The S.R. peak frequency is 18 today. The old level was 8.

1124.4 Hz is the frequency of Harmonic 51 which we are in for 2 more days.

Body Holon

  • Destiny DNA is 7Glycine or White 7 Resonant Wind; Spirit. Pulse is to the right neck.
  • Analog support DNA is 7Phenylalanine or Red 7 Earth; synchronous navigation. Pulse is to the left neck.
  • Antipode challenge DNA is 7Glutamic Acid or Yellow 7 Human; Free will. Pulse is to the left lower thorax, digestive area
  • Subconscious DNA is 7Tryptophan or Blue 7 Storm; Self generation. Pulse is to the left top of the head crown chakra
  • Higher Self DNA is 7Tyrosine or White 7 Mirror; Meditation. Pulse is to the left head, eye, face, and brain. As of late, the same call to meditation to line up your MIND, to in fact program your mind yourself.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus today which rules Aquarius ♒. Out with the old and in with the new.


Today is kin 202. We are being bombarded in the Interplanetary Magnetic Field with high-energy protons. That is in sync with the Tzolkin because we are evolving in kin 201-205 in the North Polar Zone, positive proton field. See page 117 of “Time is DNA”. If you have your book, open to page 114, The Electrical Charge in the Tzolkin; Polarity. Read the first paragraph before you watch Ben’s video. Notice the mention of magnetic reversal below. I say in my book that the positive proton charges reverse between the Z.O.T and the North and South Polar Zones, in our bodies, on the earth, and in the whole solar system. Ben doesn’t say that but I know it from my research. We are holistic.

“Quantum physics can cause mutations in our DNA via proton tunneling or the movement of the positive charge amino acids to a different location making it look like our cells can be in two places at once.”-

Lisa T.-“Time is DNA”

The heliosphere current sheet carrying the solar wind magnetic reversal is endemic to the binary triplet configuration unique to our holonomic oracle. The galactic magnetic field threads the rippling mid-plain.

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