Saturday Daily Reading; We remain in A High Psi Bank Frequency of 20!

Body Holon

We land on Radiant Tone 5 today which pulses to the right elbow JOINT. The right arm pulses to Yellow Seed. The right side of the brain and head pulses to Yellow Sun so be aware of movements there today. We are all on tap for Yellow Sun’s enlightenment and Christ Consciousness.

  • Theme is 5StopCodon or Yellow 5 Radiant Sun; well intentioned and devoted. Pulse is to the right top of the head.
  • Analog of 5Tryptophan or Blue 5 Radiant Storm; a reuniter and excellent teacher. Pulse is to the left top of the head, crown chakra.
  • Guide Power is 5Leucine or Yellow 5 Radiant Star; nervous, inspirational and energetic. Pulse is to the right abdomen and thigh below the navel; Dantien, ancestral QI, connection to mother and sex.
  • Antipode is 5Aspartic Acid or White 5 Radiant Dog; consistent companion and guardian. Pulse is to the left foot; grounding!
  • Hidden Wisdom is 9Cysteine or Red 9 Solar Dragon; primordial mother, intiating, and private. Pulse is to the right face, brain, and head.
  • 5GForce is 9Stop Codon or Yellow 9 Solar Sun which turns the stop codon into occult wisdom as well as higher self pulsing with the theme. This in synchronicity with the FULL MOON in Libra. We’re seeking to balance out our relationships.

Earth Holon

The COLLECTIVE human and earth mind are revving high. Probably include our local system too, the interplanetary holon, because the scientists have observed significant disruptive changes on the planets as well. We’re all connected.

Peak frequency of 20.

So…I’m going to just put this right out there and I’m happy to hear comments. Ben’s analysis of the Sun with the men at NASA and NOAA are not in synchronicity with our Psi Bank. I believe what they are seeing is true! It’s not that.

The Shumann Resonance is pulsing high which is caused by the earth’s mind in symbiosis with the collective human mind. So I conjecture this;

“These earth changes are due mostly to EARTH FORCING, not solar forcing, the mind of GAIA, the Psi Bank which is ONE with our brains. I think the SUN is reacting to the evolution of the entire local system. We’re like a family.”

Lisa T.

It is particularly true though that the feelings of humanity in sync with our planet are changing significantly right now. People all over the world have very strong feelings about being controlled, lied to, and abused. We’re done with it. Not in a million years would most males or male scientists understand or acknowledge that it is affecting the earth. The earth is our mother, the Sun our father, and the other planets our siblings. This is a Tzolkonic perspective.


“We’ll do this all again tomorrow right here.” It’s supposed to be spoken as one sentence, with no gap in the sentence which he does all the time. He speaks a period after “tomorrow”. Drives me nuts. Psychologically, what’s the difference? Time. Tomorrow-period after it means the past is always going to repeat itself everywhere. “Tomorrow right here.” means space-time, oneness, merging, no difference between today and tomorrow which is correct. But he doesn’t say it that way. I’m sorry, I notice the details. You can think I’m petty. I don’t mind, but I’m a suspicious listener.

Interplanetary Holon

Pluto is mediating today over Yellow 5 Radiant Sun and its analog Blue 5 Radiant Storm. We are getting storms and snow here today as well in synchronicity. Yellow Sun is a Polar Kin. The time portal is located at 60°N–15°W, NW of the U.K. in the N. Atlantic. The portal spans all of EUROPE.


Strong Aspects Today

  • Sun is sextile Pluto (huge synchroncity since it is theme and mediating planet. Astrologers don’t know that in the Tzolkin Pluto mediates the Sun!). There is a light shining on renewal and healing. Personal empowerment and positive change. We can see it in the Psi Bank frequency.
  • Moon is trine Venus. Cooperation between everyone’s emotions and love nature. Plus it’s the full moon in Venus. Relationships should flower.
  • Venus is square Uranus. A jolt of excitement and magnetic attraction. Oh yeah, happened to me today getting a text from a fella I like. The urge for liberation is strong.
  • Venus sextile Chiron. Relationships will reveal repressed feelings and wounds. Be a good listener and share your own.
  • Mars in strong sextile with Chiron. Direct, unexpected actions could arise. Taboo issues regarding being direct and intiating leadership or ideas based on societal bias could arise. (like my criticism of Ben…again). I think the male scientists are blind to several key aspects of humans and they may be dangerously incorrect about predicting the peak changes. Kind of like doctors and their differential diagnosis being wrong often. The Tzolkin is holistic.

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