What is DNA in Relation to Earth and Cosmic Movement?

All DNA of humans, animals, and plants is impacted by a BINARY RESONANCE PATTERN generated by the two radiation belts;

The Solar Radiation Stream; https://www.energy.gov/eere/solar/solar-radiation-basics

and the Cosmic Radiation Stream; https://www.epa.gov/radtown/cosmic-radiation#:~:text=Radiation%20from%20space%20is%20called,radiation%20exposure%20from%20cosmic%20radiation.

They are the Psi Bank. This is the impetus for evolution. Rupert Sheldrake calls resonance, morphic resonance, which is mirroring or mimicry wired into DNA brains to survive. It’s more complicated than that though. Marine animals are experts at mimicry but humans are too. It’s a survival trait in our brains and the reason we follow each other, even though we don’t really agree. We “appear” to follow each other. We pretend we agree to keep ill-willed humans away who emotionally resist differences and could be a social pain in the a.., especially these days. That said, honesty is coming forward now.

The Psi Bank registers the low-level ELM field around the earth that has been detected to weaken and reverse significantly as we speak. This is a NATURAL evolutionary movement that has happened many times in the 14 billion-year history of the earth. It’s caused by SOLAR FORCING and will likely be radical as prophecies by many cultures and religions and assessed by NASA and other scientists indicate. Our DNA evolving with the earth, the other planets, and our sun is no joke. Our society is about to change radically.

The Sun, like the Earth, is SENTIENT. It has a mind of its own in relation to the Source. They also have free will just as we do, so OUR MINDS are in a relationship with THEIR MINDS. None of this is random. We are all in destiny patterns regulated by the Tzolkin which I ask you to pay attention to with one of the apps and this blog daily so you know what’s going on and are not reliant on MSM.

The details and speed of how things unfold are up to life on the planet as a collective. The animals and plants are domestic and community-oriented just as we are. They also feel pain and joy and care for their young ones so they have much to deal with as well as things change. Keep in mind that they have seniority as far as time on the planet. They were all here before we were but it’s apparent to me that they like us for the most part. We have a great bond on earth with the plants and animals and we help each other. I hope we keep our awareness of the web of life going into the future.

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