Thursday Daily Reading; ScR Peak Frequency is 13 in the Psi Bank. The Sun is Seriously Active. Major Magnetic Reversal

Body Holon

  • Theme is dharmic 3Tyrosine; White 3 Electric Mirror; meditation.🧘‍♀️
  • Analog is karmic 3Cysteine; memory
  • Guide Power is karmic 3Glysine; spirit
  • Antipode is karmic 3Leucine; art
  • Hidden Wisdom is karmic 11Alanine; abundance
  • 5gforce is karmic 11Glycine; SPIRIT in pulse with the Guide Power bringing it up to occult influence as well as dharmic so this is a powerful teaching today.🔥⚡ This is a prime opportunity for karmic kin to release mama trauma drama and get on with their lives. Especially with the primordial mother tribe Red Dragon as support. Tune into your higher self, not your lower self which is a mirror of your mother.

Earth Holon

It’s nice to see the reason for headache and brain spinning. I feel like I’m on a Ferris wheel.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Neptune today which is in its home planet Pisces so it’s doubly strong.

The White Mirror Time Portal is located at 30°S–30°E on the South African east coast. The Moon is still in Virgo and almost full.

Strong Aspects

Neptune mediates REFLECTION or White Mirror Tribe
  • Sun sextile Pluto; light on renewal and healing
  • Moon opposing Jupiter; potential conflict between emotions and abundance
  • Mercury sextile Uranus; our mindset is tuned to unexpected insight and vision
  • Venus conjunct Mars; love nature is fueled with assertive desire
  • Venus square Uranus; jolt of excitement and social expression. A party
  • Venus sextile Chiron; relationships reveal hidden problems. Truth of trauma comes out.

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