Psi Bank Flow Key & Prophecy-Ed Level Advanced

If you are serious about being Advanced Level you need to buy Earth Ascending by Jose Arguelles. I hate to say it, but I seem to be the only one who understand it so far.

Click on it to make it clearer.

Map 43 of Earth Ascending

I have some specifics for you but you need to follow your app daily and keep an eye on which harmonic we’re in. I always post it on this blog. If you have my book, Time is DNA, you can see it on page 90, the top left column is Hx48, turn the page and you’ll see Hx49.

“As we have already indicated we are now experiencing the onset of the seventh psychoatmospheric weather front, the return-crossing from the CA (civilizational advance, past to present) back to the AC template (aboriginal continuity, future back to present), that which transits from Hx48 in HF13 to Hx49 found in HF35. This will prove to be the stormiest front of all, as it means for those now in power and hooked into the outmoded materialist belief system virtually the end of everything. (YES!!!)

The nuclear impasse of the present time (and the GFW forbidding all nuclear activity which Jose didn’t know about back in 1990) is the most obvious sign of the perilousness of the present weather front. As with all weather fronts it is important to know the nature of the pattern, and the kind of meteorological conditions that will follow.

The eighth front, from Hx56 to Hx57, will mark the achievement of a major stabilizaton of planetary conditions, the planetization of consciousness; the conclusion of that phase will be the actural manifestation of the biopsychic force field.”

Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending page 122

I interpret this as our dark night of the soul from HF13 to HF35 or 22 harmonics (88 days); July 7-October 3, 2022 if it’s this year. If it’s not this year we have to watch for HF13 again when it comes around and keep an eye on the sun. You know I’ll post. I’m not a suspicious observer but a Cosmic Observer of Exponential Cycles that are epigenetic. Clear as mud.

Now let’s parse this out. Jose calls this the return of Quetzalcoatl. HF13, 378Hz. This is Cosmic Process, formulate free will of presence, Ruled by I Ching Hx48, DNA nucleotide GCC-Alanine or Blue Night. In HF13 we have;

  • Kin 49, Red 10 Planetary Moon, 1D, 13:9:10:49. 10Methionine, 10Aspartic Acid, 10Phenylalanine, 10Tryptophan, 4Glutamic Acid, 5G is4Asparagine WHICH IS; 10 Red Moon, 10White Dog, 10Red Earth, 10Blue Storm, 4Yellow Human, and 4Blue Monkey
  • Kin 50, White 11 Spectral Dog, 2D, 13:10:11:50. 11Aspartic Acid, 11Methionine, Itself again, 11StopCodon, 3Asparagine, and 5G is 3WHITE DOG!!-or J.C. (Christ) Holy crap-I just saw this and the Maya consider J.C. Quetzalcoatl. He would be pulsing over ALL DNA being 5th density. Wow. His life and Holy Spirit liberate us and always have. This would just be a visual manifestation on this day as promised.
    • “I dissolve in order to love. Releasing loyalty I seal the process of heart with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled. I am polar kin. I transport the white galactic spectrum. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter me.
    • Kin 50 in HF13 is 112 days from today. July 7, 2022; White 11 Spectral Dog.
  • Kin 51, Blue 12 Monkey, 3D, 13:11:12:51. 12Asparagine, 12Leucine, 12Alanine, 12Cysteine, 2Aspartic Acid, 5G is 2Methionine. Blue 12 Crystal Monkey, Yellow 12 Crystal Star, Blue 12 Crystal Night, Red 12 Crystal Dragon, White 2 Polar Dog, and Red 2 Polar Moon.
  • Kin52, Yellow 13 Cosmic Human, 4D, 13:12:13:52. 13Glutamic Acid, 13Isoleucine, 13Histidine, 13Glycine, 1Methionine, and 5G is 1Leucine. 13Yellow cosmic Human, Blue 13 Cosmic Hand, Yellow 13 Cosmic Warrior, White 13 Cosmic Wind, and Yellow 1 Magnetic Star.

Notice that this is a pulse on implicate order HF33; 12Red Moon, 13White Dog, 1Blue Monkey, and 2Yellow Human. It’s 10 tones apart.

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