Wednesday Daily Reading; HF 50; Modesty

Harmonic 50 is an overtone matrix. We can self-regulate the universal fire of radiance.

We land on Polar Tone 2 which is duality. We see it in our bodies; everything in two’s including the double helix. It pulses to the right knee JOINT. It is diarthrotic which means two. It’s a hinge joint. Another synchronicity.

Body Holon

  • Theme is 2Phenylalanine or Red 2 Polar Earth; Synchronicity.

Tyrosine. This amino acid is produced directly from phenylalanine. It also synchronistically follows Red Earth in the Harmonic. Red earth is tribe #17 and White Mirror/Tyrosine is tribe#18. Your body uses it to make new proteins or convert them into other molecules like epinephrine.

Epinephrine and norepinephrine. When you experience stressful situations, these molecules are vital to your body’s fight or flight response (7Trusted Source).

Dopamine. This neurotransmitter is an important part of your brain’s reward center and is involved in motor control, memory, and learning (8Trusted Source).

All the kin are pulsing on the right, male, karmic side of the body today. That is very unusual and may have something to do with the 4D I Ching frequency of “modesty” with nucleotide TCT or Serine/Passion. This is Malkekian karma since Maldek mediates Red Serpent. They were out of hand with tech which is why the planet blew up. And my phone died today. Synchronicity. I don’t want to deal with it at all. The other synchronicity is it died because it fell in water (Red Moon).

  • Analog is 2Glycine or karmic White 2 Polar Wind; Spirit
  • Guide Power is 2Methionine or karmic Red 2 Polar Moon; Purification
  • Antipode is 2Isoleucine or karmic Blue 2 Hand; Accomplishment
  • Hidden Wisdom is 12Valine or karmic Yellow 12 Crystal Seed; Flowering
  • 5GForce Higher Self Frequency today is karmic 12Alanine or Blue 12 Crystal Night; Abundance. Blue Night is mediated by Saturn. Abundance comes much easier with discipline and control of emotion. Accomplished this is a definite up level spiritually.

Earth Holon

The galaxies can reverse themselves too, just like earth. I’ve wondered about that. Could it mean we would have a new count of days? Would it change time/DNA?

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus today. It rules Aquarius. Red Earth time portal is located at the Equator–15°W in the mid-Atlantic ocean off the coast of Liberia.

The Moon is in Virgo right now and the full moon is in two days.

Hubble’s October 25th view of Uranus puts the planet’s bright northern polar hood in the spotlight. It’s springtime in the northern hemisphere and the increase in ultraviolet radiation from the Sun seems to be causing the polar region to brighten. Researchers aren’t sure why. It could be a change in the opacity of atmospheric methane haze or some variation in the aerosol particles. Curiously, even as the atmospheric hood gets brighter, the sharp southernmost boundary remains at the same latitude. This has been constant over the past several years of OPAL observations. Perhaps some sort of jetstream is setting up a barrier at that latitude of 43 degrees.

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