Sphere Being Alliance Pre-Update

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Happy Weekend Everyone! I am working on an update that will blow your minds.

Things are finally moving into more of a hot war between the Global Galactic League of Nations, our cosmic cousin allies from our local stellar neighborhood, and the Orion Group and the Tall Blonde ET Federation of Light.

Emmy of the Zulu has assisted the GGLN Flagship the Wandering Star in getting past the Orion Group and deceptive Tall Bonde Federation Groups in open battles in the outskirts of our Galaxy and most recently within our own solar system in the orbit of Mars as they rushed to protect all of the Mars Colonies who were ordered to have chips implanted in their brains. This update will have some amazing higher density battles within the 4th density battlefields that most of the current battles are being fought within. Emmy has been onboard the Wondering Star which is doing recon and performing missions within our local stellar neighborhood currently.

The rest of the GGLN fleet is in the outskirts of the Galaxy, close to where Andromeda Galaxy will someday cross into our own. The GGLN fleet has elders from the Zulu onboard who are giving the GGLN the upper hand in all of the recent battles with the Orion Group (Reptilians, Greys & Insectoids), the deceptive Galactic Federation Groups, and the Dark Fleet. I will post more details on these recent events within our galaxy and the solar system soon.

Corey Goode

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